6 Hamster Life Hacks

  • Food

The first life hack is to store your hamster’s food and bedding in the freezer for a couple of days when you first get it.

This might seem really weird but hamster food is seeds and nuts, some types of bugs are attracted to that and they can sometimes go into the food lay eggs and things like that, so if a bug did go in and lay eggs when you freeze it that’s killing off any larvae or anything like that.

  • Water vinegar solution

This solution is for all types of cleaning, it’s easy and cheap because if you went to go buy a pet safe solution it’s going to be like six or seven dollars, you can basically just buy a small bottle of vinegar or you probably already have vinegar at home, you mix 50% vinegar with 50% water in a spray bottle spray it on some areas and this is totally pet safe, this won’t hurt your pet, this also works really well if your water bottle gets any calcium buildup because water has calcium in it, and that will eventually get this little white ring around the bottle, if you leave the water bottle spout in a little cup of vinegar it’ll actually help take any buildup of calcium off.

  • Industrial velcro leg pack

That is for people who have cages or aquarium type cages, velcro is a really good way to attach your water bottle to the side.

Many times water bottle holders don’t work because the sides are too tall, so even if you put the holder in the water bottle will be way too tall, so industrial velcro works really great it’ll hold the bottle no matter what it won’t fall off or anything and it’s easily removable so you can easily change the water.

  • Store of food

It is to store your food and treats in little jars and containers this just keeps everything organized butter and it keeps it fresh longer.

  • Boredom breakers

A lot of the times in pet stores the chews and things can be a little bit overpriced, so you can make your own different types of boredom breakers from toilet paper tubes and things like that even just scatter feeding your hamster can keep them from being bored.

  • Chew

If you have a hamster who is not a big chew or doesn’t like to turn their chews, take a little bit of peanut butter and spread it on the chew now you don’t want a glob of it basically you wipe it on and then wipe it off,  just puts the smell of the peanut butter on so your hamsters going to want to chew it.