Do Dogs Get Jealous?

Dogs love attention but you’ve probably noticed they love it even more when the attention stays on them. So does that mean dogs feel jealousy? Is your dog checking your text messages and asking who Rover is?

So when your dog catches you snuggling, you know they want in on that cuddly action, in fact studies have shown that most dogs will butt in if they see their owners spreading the love with other dogs.

In 2014 according to one study even a stuffed dog is enough to give your pup a bad case of jellies, when they saw their owners petting a stuffed dog more than 70 percent of dogs demonstrated seemingly jealous behavior. Researchers repeated the study with owners showing love to objects that looked less and less doglike as it turns out your dog is not cool with stuffed dogs but jack-o’-lanterns sure you can invite them to the party.

Now this could mean your dog has a serious case of FOMO but scientists think this behavior might actually have evolved out of the pack mentality. Back when tough alpha dogs wanted to assert their dominance and impress their pack leaders even if that quest for dominance now comes in the form of begging for belly rubs.

Well the truth is we may never be sure if dogs truly experience a human style emotion of jealousy but these little fluff butts have put everyone on notice when it comes to your affection they want to be number one.