Meanings of Dogs’ Sleeping Positions

You probably know the positions your dog prefers when it comes to resting, but do you know what they really mean?

On this article we will show you the most common sleeping positions and their possible meaning.

  • Belly up

This position is very comical and sometimes makes us wonder if your dog is actually comfortable sleeping in this position, when exposing their most vulnerable parts.

The dog unconsciously expresses well-being in lack of worry, it is also frequent and nervous or excitable dogs that feel comfortable in their surroundings tend to adopt this position.

  • The ball

Any animal lover will find this position super-cute, we can see the dog curled up and sometimes they even surround themselves with their tail.

It is especially frequent in puppies but also in adult dogs that like to feel comfy, you may observe them in this position during colder months when they use this position to keep their body heat.

  • Face down

This is a very characteristic position in puppies, generally we can see puppies in this position after an intense physical activity, which is when they fall flat with their bellies to the ground.

However, this position is also frequent in brackets of phallic dogs which adopt this position to breathe better and cool their body down.

  • On their side

This is one of the best positions our dog can adopt to sleep, as it allows them to be comfortable and relaxed completely.

It means your dog feels comfortable and calm in their surroundings, moreover this position allows them to reach the deepest and most healing stages of sleep.

  • Conventional position

This position combines the face down and the ball position and is especially frequent in short sleep cycles.

Generally dogs adopt this position when they are relaxed but alert at the same time, for example when they are alone at home or after eating.

  • Other positions

There are many other positions our dog can acquire while sleeping, generally due to their dreams.

It’s important to highlight that not all positions have a specific meaning as each dog has their ideal position that they use daily. Don’t forget that their hours of rest are highly important for dogs as it allows them to recharge their energy, soak up what they have learned during the day and as well the well-being they deserve.

This is why it’s indispensable to let our dogs rest especially when they’re puppies. Interrupting their rest could create anxiety, lack of learning abilities lack of physical activity or behavioral problems in the long run.

We must make sure our dog sleep the necessary hours and their sleeping time is not affected by noises or our movements, in this case it’s recommendable for your dog to have their bed in a calm and secluded place.