Wanna Foster Kittens in an Apartment? Here’s How

Oh! the endless joys of kitten fostering, the hilarious non-stop play, the thrill of finally earning the trust of a painfully shy Kitty and the simple delight of just being around so many kittens at once. What could be better for anyone who loves cats?

By opening our homes, foster parents give cats and kittens in need a chance to grow, recover from illness and become socialized so that they can find a loving forever home.

In the cat rescue world we desperately need more foster parents, there’s just not enough foster homes available for all the kitties who need them.

Maybe you’ve thought to yourself “gosh I would like to become a foster parent” but how much room do you really need to be a cat and kitten foster? Well the answer is surprisingly little even people living in very small homes can easily foster a cat or a litter of kittens.

You don’t need a lot of space to foster cats and kittens in need, you just need some time some patience and a lot of love.