What and How to Feed Kittens Age 4 to 6 Weeks?

What age kittens can start eating on their own and what kind of food to feed them?

Kittens who are with a mama cat who’s producing milk will continue to nurse for as long as mama will let them.

Most cats well over a year old still nursing off of a very compliant mother, but most moms will start weaning the kittens at around two to three months, as they get less milk the kittens will then learn to eat solid food by watching their mother eat, so if you are caring for kittens who don’t have a mother you’ll need to teach them how to eat on their own.

Healthy kittens can begin to start eating solid food on their own as young as four weeks old, if you are caring for motherless kittens who are younger than that then they will need to be bottle fed kitten formula.

Around one month you can start introducing the kittens to some mushy canned kitten food, be sure you serve the food in a very shallow plate bowls with steep sides might be too big for small kittens, even the cap from a mason jar will work great. You can show a kitten how to eat by gently guiding their nose into the food so that they taste it then they will start to eat on their own.

Once one kitten learns to eat the others quickly follow and soon you’ll have one big messy kitten feast happening.

If you think your kitten needs extra nutrients and calories you can also mix in some kitten formula or nutria gel to the canned food, after the kittens have mastered eating the soft canned food you can sprinkle in a little dry food also.

I find that feeding kittens a little dry food can help prevent diarrhea and the dry kitten varieties are usually small enough for the kittens to crunch with their teeth, be sure to monitor the kittens while they eat since the bigger ones can push the smaller ones away from the food.

It’s usually best to put out a few small plates, so that all the kittens are able to eat at their own pace.

I recommend feeding kittens a high-quality kitten formula of both dry and canned foods, since these will have the vitamins and the nutrients that are growing kitten needs.

Never ever feed anything with bones or feed them people food or anything like that, this is a big no-no and it can be dangerous to cats and kittens to eat these things, and always make sure the kittens have plenty of fresh water to drink just like us they like their water very clean, be sure to check the water bowl every single day.

Some of the smaller kittens in a litter may need supplemental syringe feeding for a while if they’re not doing very well eating on their own. I also like to weigh the kittens daily to make sure that everyone is gaining weight, even a little bit of weight loss can quickly become deadly for kittens this small by the best quality kitten food that you can afford provide clean bowls and fresh water daily and monitor your kittens to ensure they’re gaining weight that’s the key to healthy happy kittens.