Do Dogs Really Understand Us?

Sometimes it seems like your dog just gets every word that comes out of your mouth but other times it’s like they’re from another planet, which leads to the question we’ve probably all asked. Do dogs really understand us?

According to dr.Stanley Coren, with proper training the average dog can comprehend and retain up to 165 words, the record for most words remembered by a dog is seriously 1022 words.

So maybe you’ve noticed that your dog never brings you the paper, no matter how many times you hold it up and say the word but your dog will always remember the words supper, dinner or whatever you call their food, that’s because dogs can easily learn words that are directly related to their behaviors as long as those words are consistent and the pup is properly incentivized.

So in your dog’s dictionary food words definitely come first, once your dog has memorized the menu they can definitely pick up on some other words, short words with hard consonants like T K or R work best since dogs are really only listening to the first syllable or maybe even letter of each word.

Next time instead of saying “hey you want to go on walkies”, try just saying “walk” and you’ll see your pooch might not be quoting Shakespeare anytime soon but give them a little time inconsistency and they can figure out the words that matter most.