Can Pets Carry Coronavirus?

We are only seeing positive results in animals that belong to people who’ve got Covid-19, and what that clearly shows us is that this virus is being transmitted on very infrequent occasions to animals. But it’s not the other way around, there’s absolutely no evidence of any transmission of the virus from pets to people, the only way that you are going to catch Covid-19 is from another person.

If you think you may have Covid-19, in the same way that you social distance from other people you should practice social distancing from your pets, it means washing your hands before or after you touch them, also not sharing food with them and of course not being licked in the face or close petting with them.

Our pets bring us great comfort, they’re important to us at this time and they depend on us for their welfare. So we must remember our responsibility as pet owners to look after them, it is completely inhumane, unjustifiable and a terrible thing to abandon pets because of misinformation of panic.

There’s absolutely no reason to do that. There are a lot of articles circulating in the news and on social media, a lot of these are fake news they haven’t been verified, so I would urge pet owners to get your information from veterinarians, from scientists who know the facts.

A group of tigers and lions at the “Bronx Zoo” were showing some respiratory signs of mild cough. They were able to anesthetize one of those Tigers, they took some samples and they confirmed that it was infected.

What is important is that the handler of those animals was infected with the Sars-coronavirus-2, so I guess it’s another example of human to animal transmission and not the other way around.

What role do pets play in the ecology of the virus?

We believe that cats and dogs are dead end hosts. They are incidental, accidentally infected and they’re not important and not involved in this pandemic.