Cat Body Language

Cats are mysterious.. but if you look for subtle clues in their ears, their tail, their whiskers and their eyes, it really lets you have a clue as to what is going on in their head what are they thinking? that’s really helpful in a lot of ways.
When you see a dog’s tail really wagon very fast that usually means that they’re happy to see you, but with a cat if you see that tail wagging furiously that usually means that they are upset but it also might mean that they’re worried and thinking about something they haven’t quite made the decision. But the decision may be that you’re in trouble if they’re mad at you, so you might want to keep that in mind.

Also with the kitties, their tail will be curled when they come to greet you in their friendship mode or just curious, their tail might just be nice and alert, may be wagging just a tiny little bit but just looking happy and you’ll see that the kitties body language is nice and relaxed.

But sometimes you’ll see that tail will be really up in twitching and very bushy, watch out for that for sure, the eyes really give you an idea of how a kitty is doing.

And when you see a cat with dilated pupils -the pupil is the black center of the eye- when you see that is dilated and enlarged you want to be aware because sometimes that means the cat is happy and sometimes the cat is fearful, so read the rest of their body language and see what their tail is doing as well.

The big thing with kitties is you want to make sure that your watchful of them, because it does make a big indication to you of what that kitty is doing, how its feeling and what its body language is telling you and how you should react to that.