Best Dog Breed For Children – What is it?

A pet is one of the best gifts you can bestow on your kids. It makes your child adequately responsible for taking care of his or her pet and shows him or her how to respect it and be kind to animals. Dogs are among the parents’ favorite pets because dogs are very easy to adopt, not all dogs are appropriate for the little kids though. Now you may ask which dog breed is best for children.

You may think about giving your child a puppy or other small breed of dogs, but first you need to test the dog characteristics that you may want to give your puppy. A puppy will grow up and the dog breed could turn out to be unsuitable for your little one.

Not all breeds of small dogs are healthy even for a child. Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terriers are small breeds of dogs which are not recommended for kids. Dogs may be too small and your child can unintentionally drop or step on them and if handled harshly these dogs may be violent.

If your St.Bernard or Chow pup grows up, and your child isn’t that big enough to handle bigger dogs, these grown animals will harm your child. If the dog is big or small, whether the dog has hunting whether guarding characteristics, whether the personality and other habits appear to be child-friendly it may still be ideal for the kids.

Labrador Retriever or Labs is one of the dogs of large size suited for children. The Labs’ gentle and friendly nature makes it harmless to children. It likes to dance, hop and be in someone’s business.

Sometimes, the stubborn beagle is one of the most popular breeds for children. Easily this dog can get along with a stranger, but at first it lets out several barks. He is full of energy and likes running around, and enjoys having an outdoor practice. It is also free from the common sense of dog smell. Occasionally, washing the coat will help to keep it well-groomed

The poodle appears second on the children’s list of best dog breeds. It could be trained easily, and would certainly love your company. You just do not fail to supply it with at least once a month of good grooming.

The gentle golden retriever likewise is kind to people. He enjoys doing a lot of things and will get lonely if he sits in a room alone. The exercise every day will keep him satisfied and fit, as he enjoys doing sports. It is affectionate and intense at the same time. This can be fun and a guard dog may be both.

Bassett hound is another dog that loves to play around children, but you shouldn’t allow this dog to get close to your very young children. If you don’t feel like attending to the needs of a dog this dog may be the right breed for you, because it requires only minimal amount of grooming and exercise.

At last, be sure to take some time to look at the dog’s trait before you pick a puppy or a small dog for your kids.