Do I Have to Buy a Tree Cat?

No! Is the easy answer, if your cat doesn’t mind scratching and clawing other, possibly worthwhile furnishings and/or furniture, you don’t need a tree.

Most cats develop routines in which they work on their favorite spots and items. You cannot get angry at him or her for pursuing his natural urges to scratch and scrape when you have not put together a scratch remedy for your child. The best way is to give your cat several areas, especially if you have more than one animal, to meet their scratching requirements.

In reality, cats are very personal and like being close to their owners, you may find that your cat tends to scratch on some objects in areas that are frequently used.

One of the principal differences between cat trees is the scratching field, when you choose your cat tree or cat tower. Some are sealed and some are covered in sisal cloth. Some people use tapestry but after some use the tapestry begins to run and tear away, then you finish with this post which has unattractive strings.

The sisal seam is much longer lasting than the scratching carpets for your cat. The color you select for your cat tree can also be another factor. In the majority of situations, the only two things are to suit the cat tower to your decoration or your pet. You will spend less time brushing, when you pick your pet, as the fur your pet sheds will melt better with the tissue.

You can also buy cat furniture to suit your home decoration only. This can lead to your cats washing more frequently because of excessive fur.

To sum up, at least one scratch posting or cat tower should be given to your cat as an alternative to its scratching needs. Especially if you have more than one cat, as we think, there is nothing wrong. The sisal wrapped furniture as the most robust and appropriate scratching material we’ve found. You will spend less time purifying your cat if you match your tree color.