Read Your Dog’s Body Language To Understand His Emotions!

Reading your dog’s body language will help you to understand his emotions, you just need to know what to look for: when your dog is come he’ll appear friendly and approachable his muscles and posture will look relaxed, he’ll have a friendly facial expression relaxed jaw and soft kind eyes, his ears will stay neutral or slightly forward and his tail will wag low and slow as a sign of content. This is a great opportunity to teach him something new!

If your dog sees something interesting on a walk he’ll stand tall with his head straight, his jaw will be tightly closed and he’ll intensely stare at whatever he’s focused on, his ears will prick up and move forward and his tail will stay stiff or wag slowly. In moments like this stay relaxed and keep walking your dog will!

 If he becomes uncomfortable his body will tense up and he may curl up on the ground, he will stick his muzzle forward, furrow his brow look wide-eyed and avoid eye contact, he’ll flick or pin his ears back and he may even stick his tail between his legs. You can comfort your dog by reassuring him and giving him space!

When he’s in a playful mood, your dog will have an arched back and grip his feet, he’ll have an inviting or excited look in his eye, his ears will be relaxed and face forward and his tail will wag joyfully, he may even bark and bring you his favorite toy!

When you understand him better, it will bring you closer together!