How to convince your Parents for a Puppy!

Are you desperate to get a dog but when you ask your parents you get a big “NO”?

I’m going to help you change that, there are four ways in which you can convince your parents to get a dog. Most of the times, the problem could be solved by understanding why would they say NO?

  • Find out why not?

Listen carefully to what they have to say and they would probably say something like too much work or it costs too much and they probably right. So you got to prove them wrong, go around the house get all the chores done, clean up your room show them you can manage all the work or get a part-time job make some money basically for whatever reason they say NO.

Show them you can change, it’s going to be a lot of work but it’s a foolproof plan.

  •  Show responsibility

The biggest reason most parents say NO, is because they think we are not responsible enough. So wake up every day on time, clean up your room…

In other words, show your parents you are capable enough of taking care of a dog.

  • Getting the right breed

Most of you might want to get your dream breed, which might be a fluffy husky, or a Doberman or whatever it is but choosing a right breed would make it much easier for your parents to agree. If you got a big lawn, you could convince your parents for a guard dog or if you stay in a small apartment, then a sweet little lapdog or if your parents are allergic then a hypoallergenic dog.

So by choosing the right breed you increase the odds of them agreeing for a dog.

Lastly the most important one, the golden question, if nothing else works this is your best shot.

The question is: what should I do for you to agree on me getting a dog?

Now they’re going to give you some really unrealistic tasks, like getting hunted on your paper or making $500 a week, whatever they tell you, even if it sounds unrealistic say “Yes I’ll do it”.

Now the trick here, is you don’t actually have to get 100/100 or make 500 dollars a week, they just want you to work hard. So even if you get 85/100 on your paper you could tell them I did everything I could in preparing for that test, I did my best and honestly that’s what they want for you, to do your best.

They know it’s not realistic getting 100/100 and the fact that you tried your best is good enough reason for them to agree.

If none of these reasons work sometimes they might be right you’re not ready for a dog.