Top 5 Funny Tricks to Teach Your Cat

It’s time to stock up on kitty trees; we’re looking at ways to train your cat. We’ll be looking at five tricks that are funny, adorable and maybe even a little bit practical. Of course, we’ll try not to get “whiskered” away.

  • High Five:

Take advantage of how your cat naturally plays and turn it into a cool trick. Any old cat can learn to give paw but only the coolest cats can learn to high-five.

To do this, your cat must remain seated while you hold the Treat in one hand. When you say high-five, your cat must touch only one paw to your hand to get the treat. Even when your cat learns the trick, don’t be disappointed if you’re occasionally left hanging because cats will be cats after all.

  • Sit:

It might be one of the most basic tricks to teach your cat but it’s among the most important. This trick is the foundation for all your future tricks and teaches your little ball of fluff that tricks mean treats.

At first, say sit and give a treat even if your kitty doesn’t actually do it, then press lightly on their back to get them sitting and keep those treats handy. Once your cat gets the hang of sitting cut down on the treats, too much junk food is bad.

  • Close and Open Doors:

Cats tend to be curious by nature, so teaching them to use a handle and open a door might be easy enough, however closing the door is going to take a lot longer.

To get started, pick an easy door to open and close, tap along the door like you’re playing with your cat and get their focus on the door. When they make contact with it, make sure they know they’re doing a good thing. Once your cat catches on, reward the furry little genius.

  • Walking on a Leash:

Some cats take to this better than others, there’s something about a harness that just makes cats flap over like pancakes.

Introduce your cat to a harness or a leash that’s comfortable for them. It’s important to make sure that snowball feels safe. The final step is to simply enjoy the great outdoors with your furry friend.

  • Skateboarding:

This is a next-level trick, your cat should already have basic tricks mastered and some experience before attempting to learn how to skateboard.

Every time your cat does get on the skateboard reward them so that they associate it with good things, this will be a long process but it’s totally worth it for the reactions. It may just earn you some YouTube fame too, one of the best examples of a skateboarding Kitty is Didja, and she rides her board around Australia performing Johnson and other cool tricks.

Try those out but remember cats are independent and stubborn, don’t be discouraged if yours doesn’t want to play along. What are some tricks you’ve seen cats do tell us in the comments?