Abandoned Cat Was Antisocial Until a Tiny Kitten Forced Him to Play With Her

Everyone meet our new friend! We knew that something had caused him to be so sad. He had an owner that he loved and he didn’t have them anymore so he was heartbroken. We had someone reaching out about Phoenix. She’d seen him hanging around her apartment complex for over a year and she’d noticed that he started to get sick. Probably someone left and knew it was kind of a gated apartment he area.

He was in rough shape and was losing all his hair. He had been outside for a little while and he’s definitely an older guy so he was definitely very depressed. He would let us pet him and everything like that but he was very aloof unwanting of showing affection, he just wanted to lay and be by himself. He wanted nothing to do with any of the other cats. He was like “just leave me alone, I’m fine”. We just thought “that’s how he’s going to be. Maybe he doesn’t want to have friends”.

We had got called about some kittens that had been born in someone’s backyard ruby we were very sick and weak she wouldn’t eat and she was very dehydrated. What’s this movie and then she just started growing now she’s a little maniac so she was running around trying to play with anyone or anything and we had Phoenix.

He was just laying; I originally put my hand over phoenix like i don’t know how this guy’s going to react she’s little. You never know. He could hurt her because of his size tail. And she started playing with his tail. At first, he would pull his foot back and kick her a little bit. And then he got to the point where he was like, then all of a sudden he just started bathing her! This guy doesn’t pay attention to any cats and he’s just going to start bathing this tiny little kitten from there on out, he really started to fall in love with her and he would follow her around and be like what is that little cat doing? She brought out that other side of him that we did not know existed. He got playful and we’re like oh my goodness! And he got this new side to him where he would play on his own too! It was like a completely different change in his personality.

Ruby helped him get to that point where he was happy. Once their connection formed, we knew that phoenix needed her because he’d already suffered so much loss and we’re not gonna  take ruby away from him now, the only one that really makes him happy so we are going to only adopt them all together.

We’re so glad they found each other. Mostly we’re happy for phoenix we don’t know what he’d be like now without her.